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Losing A Key: What To Do And How To Avoid It Altogether

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We’ve all experienced it: the dread that hits you when you realize the keys are missing, usually right when you’re ready to head out to the car. Getting to work can be challenging enough, but the last thing you need is your keys missing from their hook, your purse, or wherever your designated spot for them is.

You aren’t the only one that’s stressed about losing a key. 28% of us misplace our keys on a weekly basis. Not only is it inconvenient, but when losing your stuff makes you late for work, miss a flight, or keeps you from getting into your home, it can start impacting your quality of life. Not to mention, if you can’t find your keys, especially more than once, it can get expensive to replace an entire ring of keys.

Before you panic, check out our step-by-step guide on what to do if you lose your keys—and better yet, what you can do to prevent losing your keys ever again.

What To Do If You Lose Your Keys

1. Don’t Try To Break In

As tempting as it is to try and break into your house through a window or by some other means, it often costs more in damages than it does to hire a professional locksmith. Rely on a professional to help you get in before forcing your way in.

2. Contact Your Home Insurance Company

Some insurance plans cover the expense of a locksmith, so the best way to start recovering from your key loss is to call your insurance company. If they do offer some sort of locksmith coverage, it’s possible that the insurance can send a locksmith directly to your house and change your locks. Sometimes a locksmith can disassemble your lock cylinder to recreate a key, but this isn’t always possible.

If your insurance doesn’t cover locksmith services for your home, you may have to pay someone out-of-pocket. This can be expensive, but again, it’s likely cheaper than trying to break in. If you are hiring a locksmith on your own, be wary of locksmith scams. Phony locksmiths are an unfortunately common occurrence who prey on people in a desperate and stressful situation.

Some red flags you should know when trying to find a legitimate locksmith are:

  • Advertising an exceptionally low price. Scammers may advertise a seemingly good deal, but then they charge you much more after the service. This can get up to a 400-500% increase.
  • Having a cash-only policy. Compared to using a card or check, which you can track, cash is gone once you exchange it. Companies that insist on payments in cash can later dispute a claim if you persecute them for overcharging or not completing the service. Don’t fall for sneakier ways of saying this, like if they tell you their credit card machine is broken.
  • Claiming you need a new handle. Even if you do need a new lock, there’s no reason for a locksmith to break the handle, which they will sometimes claim as the only way to get into your home. Worst of all, they’ll break it right then and there and then expect you to purchase a replacement from them on the spot. They overcharge for handles, which again leaves you paying more than you need to.
  • Demanding upfront payments. If they make you pay for the service beforehand, that’s a sign that they may not be locksmiths. Don’t pay for any service that hasn’t been completed, especially if they want cash up front.

Here are the green flags that you should look for in a locksmith:

  • They wear a uniform. One indicator that the company is valid and legal is if they show up in some sort of uniform or if their vehicle has official logos.
  • Good reviews online. Always find online reviews and make sure that everything adds up before hiring a locksmith. If they have a good BBB rating, they’re probably legitimate.
  • They can answer simple questions before coming. Ask some basic questions before even hiring the locksmith, such as: “Will there be any damage to my door?” or “How is the price determined? Can you give me an estimate?” This allows locksmiths to be upfront, and if they answer your questions easily and accurately, you can most likely trust them as experts.

3. Call the Police (If You Think Your Keys Were Stolen)

This is only a necessary step if you think your house keys were stolen rather than misplaced, but a completely essential step if this is the case. If your keys were stolen, it’s best to assume that someone can or will break into your house. To protect yourself, your family, and the security of your home, contact your local police and file a report. The officers will be able to instruct you on how to stay safe until you find a solution, like replacing your locks.

4. Change Your Locks

When your keys are lost for good, you’ll likely have to change your locks. The cost and time it takes to replace the locks will depend on the type of lock you have and how many you need to replace. For example, if you’ve got a second entrance to the basement or a secondary door in your garage, you might be replacing 3-4 locks.

A simple way to prevent needing to replace your locks on your house is to invest in keyless door locks. Not only do you not need a key to get in and out, but there are all sorts of other security features that come with a keyless entry. If you’re changing your locks anyway, it’s the perfect time to upgrade to a better, lasting safety solution.

What Are The Benefits Of Switching To Smart Door Locks?

Smart door locks give you the freedom to come and go from your house without stressing about keys. 

  • Control your lock from anywhere. With the ADT Control App, you can do some amazing things without even being home. You can let in guests remotely, receive alerts about unexpected events or visitors, or double-check that your door is locked anytime. 
  • Programmable locking. You can customize your security according to your needs, such as changing the code to the door when needed or scheduling your doors to lock automatically at certain times. Relying on automated door locks puts you in total control.
  • Never get locked out again. With smart door locks, you don’t ever have to worry about getting locked out. Plus, if you have kids, they have no reason to carry around a key they can lose—instead they can use the keypad code to get in the house if a parent isn’t home.

Save the Time and Money, Let Go of the Stress

For such small objects, keys can be a big pain. Are you ready to reap the rewards of a keyless entry? SafeStreets has the perfect keyless solution for you with our ADT-monitored smart door locks.

Not only do we offer a variety of options to pick from, but every lock prioritizes safety and security. Whatever the needs of your home and family are, there’s an ADT-monitored smart door lock from SafeStreets that’s perfect for the job. With 24/7 ADT monitoring and professional installation, your safety system will be up and running, with no hiccups, no safety violations, and no stress.

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