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Why Are There Orbs On My Security Camera?

By February 8, 2022 No Comments

If you’ve been wondering what those round, fuzzy, glowing objects are on your security camera footage, you’re not alone. Many people have spotted these mysterious ghost orbs and want to know what they are. In this blog post, we’ll explain what these orbs are and offer some tips on how to prevent them from appearing in your security camera footage.

What Are The Orbs On My Security Camera And What Do They Mean?

As mentioned above, orbs are often described as round, fuzzy objects floating around on security camera footage. Sometimes these orbs are falsely attributed to some type of paranormal activity, when in reality they are little specks of dust, water spots, or other particles floating around in the air illuminated by a source of light. These particles show up as circular, blurry images in the security camera footage. In the photography and videography industry, these particles are called backscatter or near-camera reflection.

Why Do I See Orbs In Video Footage?

Often, there are orbs or streaks of light on security camera footage when the camera is in night mode. If there is some type of light source behind, to the side, or even in front of the camera, then dust particles will be illuminated and show up in the video footage. The different types of light sources that can cause the illumination of dust particles include night lights, porch lights, street lights, spotlights, and vehicle headlights. 

How To Remove The Orbs From My Security Camera Footage?

While you sometimes can’t completely eliminate or remove orb particles from your security camera footage, there are some ways you can prevent orbs. Let’s look at a few ways you can try to prevent or remove orbs from showing up in video surveillance footage:

  • Adjust camera angle: If possible, simply adjusting the angle of your security camera can reduce light illumination.
  • Move camera to a different location: If there are bright lights near your camera, especially behind the camera or facing the camera, a completely different location placement could be the solution.
  • Clean security camera lens: For stationary orb spots, simply cleaning your lens will help. First, blow away any loose particles from the lens or use a soft brush. Second, clean the lens with a lens cloth or a microfiber cloth. Check if water spray from sprinklers is hitting your camera, in which case changing the location will help prevent water spots.

When Should You Call In An Expert For Help With Your Orb Problem?

If you’re feeling frustrated because you feel like you’ve tried everything to get rid of orbs in your security camera footage, it could be time to call the professionals. There are times when orbs might be showing up in video footage because of the poor quality of your security cameras. It could be time to update your security camera system with SafeStreets.

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